Study On Compressive Strength Of Concerete After Replacing Natural Coarse Aggregate With Recycled Aggregate

Velagapudi Prashant, Md. Subhan


Concrete is the world's second most consumed material after water, and it’s across the board utilize is the reason for urban improvement. It is evaluated that 25 billion tons of concrete are produced every year. Twice as much concrete is utilized as a part of construction around the globe when contrasted with the aggregate of all other building materials joined. The reuse hardened concrete as aggregate is a demonstrated innovation - it can be pulverized and reused as an incomplete replacement for normal aggregate in new concrete construction. The hardened concrete can be sourced either from the pulverization of concrete structures toward the finish of their life – reused concrete aggregate, or from remaining new concrete which is deliberately left to hardened – leftover concrete aggregate. Reusing or recovering concrete materials has two fundamental favorable circumstances - it saves the utilization of common aggregate and the related environmental costs  of abuse and transportation, and it saves the utilization of landfill for materials which can't be reused. Since waste minimization and decreasing the burden on landfills is a worldwide issue, broad research has been done worldwide on the utilization of reused aggregate in concrete. Our project plans to think about whether the reused coarse concrete aggregates can be utilized as a part of concrete blend utilized for construction supplanting the Natural coarse aggregates and furthermore the confinement of replacement. Tests have been done to locate the physical properties, for example, Specific gravity for Fine aggregates, Natural coarse aggregates, reused coarse aggregates, Cement and Water ingestions of Fine aggregates, Natural coarse aggregates, and Recycled concrete coarse aggregates. The workability tests, for example, Slump cone test, Compaction factor test, Vee-Bee test are done and the strength of 3D squares threw subsequent to supplanting the normal coarse aggregates with reused coarse concrete aggregates is tried at 7,14 and 28 days.

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