Cloud application with conditional identity based broadcast proxy re-encryption

K. Rajeshwari, B. Krishna, V. Janaki


Recently, a number of extended Proxy Re-Encryptions (PRE), e.g. Conditional (CPRE), identity-based PRE (IPRE) and broadcast PRE (BPRE), have been proposed for flexible applications. By incorporating CPRE, IPRE and BPRE, this paper proposes a versatile primitive referred to as conditional identity-based broadcast PRE (CIBPRE) and formalizes its semantic security. CIBPRE allows a sender to encrypt a message to multiple receivers by specifying these receivers’ identities, and the sender can delegate a re-encryption key to a proxy so that he can convert the initial ciphertext into a new one to a new set of intended receivers. Moreover, the re-encryption key can be associated with a condition such that only the matching ciphertexts can be re-encrypted, which allows the original sender to enforce access control over his remote ciphertexts in a fine-grained manner. We propose an efficient CIBPRE scheme with provable security. In the instantiated scheme, the initial ciphertext, the re-encrypted ciphertext and the re-encryption key are all in constant size, and the parameters to generate a re-encryption key are independent of the original receivers of any initial ciphertext. Finally, we show an application of our CIBPRE to secure cloud email system advantageous over existing secure email systems based on Pretty Good Privacy protocol or identity-based encryption.

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