A Survey On Dual-Server Public-Key Encryption With Keyword Search For Secure Cloud Storage

N.Rajender Reddy, Raghupriya Dacha


Searchable encryption is of expanding enthusiasm for ensuring the information protection in secure searchable distributed storage. In this work, we explore the security of an outstanding cryptographic primitive, in particular Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search (PEKS) which is exceptionally helpful in numerous utilizations of distributed storage. Shockingly, it has been demonstrated that the customary PEKS system experiences an inalienable instability called inside Keyword Guessing Attack (KGA) propelled by the malevolent server. To address this security defenselessness, we propose another PEKS structure named Dual-Server Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search (DS-PEKS). As another fundamental commitment, we characterize another variation of the Smooth Projective Hash Functions (SPHFs) alluded to as straight and homomorphism SPHF (LH-SPHF). We then demonstrate a bland development of secure DS-PEKS from LH-SPHF. To represent the possibility of our new structure, we give a proficient instantiation of the general system from a DDH-based LH-SPHF and demonstrate that it can accomplish the solid security against inside KGA.

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