Self-Compacting Concrete Aggregate on Effective Size of M70 Grade



The original contribution in the field of SCC is attributed to the pioneering work of Nan Su et al; who have developed a simple mix design methodology for Self Compacting Concrete. In this method, the amount of aggregate required is determined first, based on Packing Factor (PF). This will ensure that the concrete obtained has good flowability, self compacting ability and other desired SCC properties. The European Federation of Producers and Applicators of Specialist Products for Structures (EFNARC) [2005] have also laid down certain guidelines for fresh properties of SCC.

The present investigation is aimed at developing high strength Self Compacting Concrete of M70 Grade. The parameters of study include grade of concrete and effect of size of aggregate. The existing Nan Su method of mix design was based on packing factor for a particular grade of concrete, obtained on the basis of experimental investigation. SCC characteristics such as flowability, passing ability and segregation resistance have been verified using slump flow, L box and V funnel tests.

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