Mylar: A Platform for Encrypted Data Access Controller in Web Applications

Arun Kumar Silivery, Suvarna S


We build up a systematic approach for evaluating client and server applications that plan to hide sensitive client information from untrusted servers. We at that point apply it to Mylar, a structure that utilizes multi-key searchable encryption (MKSE) to manufacture Web applications over encrypted data. This paper presents Mylar, a stage for building web applications, which secures information confidentially against malwares with full access to servers. Mylar stores sensitive information encoded on the server and decoded that information just in clients’ programs. Mylar tends to three difficulties in making this approach work. In the first place, Mylar permits the servers to play out the keyword search over encoded records, regardless of the possibility that the reports are encrypted with various keys.  Second, Mylar enables clients to share keys and encoded information safely within the sight of a dynamic adversary. At last, Mylar guarantees that customer side application code is genuine, regardless of the possibility that the server is malicious.

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