Youth and Social Networking Sites

Eva Sharma


The social networking sites and social media, thus bringing us closer than ever before, have considerably revolutionized the present world. A social networking service offers a stage to make social relations with people from different political, religious cultural, and economic backgrounds. A social networking site besides providing entertainment and knowledge also open boulevard to various employment opportunities and marketing strategies. It promotes thought, suggestion, and impression. Various networking sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. have increasingly invited world wide scholarly research who are exploring how the power of these sites can act as a mark to educate the youth and enhance their social culture by playing into their identity. Even business groups are exploiting these sites to fabricate their brand image, to understand the new technologies and make fresh corporate dealings. Of late, many government bureaus have switched on to social networking media to generate public opinion and keep them well run on their activities. Several politicians are connecting with the youth to catch the pulse of the nation and gain their confidence.

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