Study Of Heat Transfer On The Square Duct Through W Type Turbulators

G. Sandeep Reddy, Sri Aparna


Several cooling techniques have been developed to enhance heat transfer in square duct. Different rib arrays inside square channel are widely used to enhance heat transfer rate. The reason that ribs increase the fluid flow turbulence near the wall, disrupt the boundary layer and also increase the heat transfer area. In this paper analysis is carried out for two different angles of tabulators which are placed in the duct and the four models of ducts are also designed to verify the better cooling system. Here the tabulators of W shaped are located on top as well as bottom of the wall also. The analytical solution carried out on the square ducts having diameter of 0.05m. Here the working fluid is considered as air. In this thesis the heat transfer characteristics of the square ducts with internal W shaped rids with different angles and different models are considered.

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