Iot Based Patient Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi

B. Harikrishna, P. Rajeshwar


This project is designed to monitor the temperature and heartbeat of the patient using IOT. Through this we can easily send the real time information to many users to and also we can send the alert message to doctor over internet in critical conditions, and the buzzer is turn on in order to alert the caretaker who are available in the premises. Now a day’s death rate is increased in India because of heart attacks and the reason behind this cause is that, the patients are not getting the proper check-up during the period of time. In order to provide the proper check-up for patients we need to monitor the health of the patients continuously. In the traditional approach, the doctor needs to visit the patients ward for checking the status of patient health. but it may come across some problems like, the patient should be admitted in the hospital for a period of time and the doctor should be present near the patient all the time. In order to avoid such problems we can make use of the present technology in a smarter way. By this we can save many lives by providing a quick service. Keywords: Raspberry pi3 Board, Heart rate sensor, Temperature sensor (DHT11), Analog-to-Digital converter (ADS1115), Buzzer, Internet of things.

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