Image Deblurring with Color Depth Estimation and Visibility Restoration

Mohd Muzaffar Hussain, G. Swetha, B.R. Vikram


In the fog and haze climatic condition, the captured picture will become blurred and the color is partial gray and white, due to the effect of atmospheric scattering. we propose a fast haze removal algorithm which based on a fast bilateral filtering combined with dark channel prior. This algorithm has a fast execution speed and greatly improves the original algorithm which is more time-consuming. A novel VR method that uses a combination of three major modules: 1) a depth estimation (DE) module; 2) a color analysis (CA) module and 3) a VR module. The proposed DE module takes advantage of the median filter technique and adopts our adaptive gamma correction technique. By doing so, halo effects can be avoided in images with complex structures, and effective transmission map estimation can be achieved. The proposed CA module is based on the gray world assumption and analyzes the color characteristics of the input hazy image. The VR module uses the adjusted transmission map and the color-correlated information to repair the color distortion in variable scenes captured during inclement weather conditions. Experimental-results show that this algorithm is feasible which effectively restores the contrast and color of the scene, significantly improves the visual effects of the image.

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