Registration of Unapproved Plots in Tamil Nadu

G V Akshaya


There are instances of large number of unapproved layout of house sites developed and sold in Tamil Nadu.  Gullible and innocent purchasers have been duped to purchase plots in the layouts sold by unscrupulous land promoters as approved plots. Innocent purchasers have invested their hard earned life time savings in the unapproved plots.  Agricultural  wet lands, ponds, lakes and lands abetting water bodies were converted into house sites and  sold to innocent purchasers on which house building were constructed in violation of development rules and regulations. Many social activists from time to time have raised this issue before various authorities which fell into their deaf ears. The law on development was inadequate to prevent unchecked growth of layouts. Rampant violation with the connivance of local authorities reported. Only after the judiciary interfered in this vexatious matter and passed directions the state government woke up and passed law to check and regulate development of layouts in the state of Tamil Nadu. This paper talks about the regularisation scheme introduced by the Government of Tamil Nadu for checking unauthorised conversion of lands and regularisation of plots already sold.

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