Novel Single Phase Fuzzy Controlled based Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources

Bhukya Bhavsingh, Bhukya Srinu, D. Vani


This paper presents a novel single phase cascaded multilevel inverter for renewable energy applications. The proposed inverter consists of two H Bridge inverter connected in cascade. The top H Bridge inverter is a conventional H bridge inverter and is capable of developing three level output whereas the bottom H bridge inverter is a novel inverter which is capable of developing multilevel output. The proposed inverter is driven from a novel hybrid modulation technique, which eliminates the problem of capacitor voltage balancing issues. The proposed novel hybrid modulation technique switches the top inverter switches at high frequency and the bottom inverter switches at low frequency. The proposed inverter can be fed from any renewable energy source. In this paper, the top inverter is fed from PV arrays whereas the bottom inverteris fed from wind turbine.The proposed inverter has many advantages such as; it has minimum number of power electronic devices, minimum conduction and switching losses, improved efficiency and minimum voltage stress on the devices. the conventional PI and fuzzy logic controlled thus
making the grid connected wind power system more reliable by providing good quality of power. The simulation model was developed in Matlab/Simulink  

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