Mechanical Behaviour Of Industrial Waste Admixed With Polypropylene Fiber In Concrete

B. Ramesh Babu, K. Anil Kumar, M. Mahesh


Concrete is strong in compression and susceptible in anxiety. To growth the tensile strength of the concrete we are adding polypropylene fiber. Also it resists the plastic shrinkage cracks.

Now a days because of the rapid business growth, waste material management is a challenging area. It possesses lot of environmental effect. Due to the rapid growth in production field, construction material scarcities will stand up. So we want to locate some exchange cloth for creation.

Ferrous slag is a waste fabric from the Iron smelting system. By the use of this as best aggregate we are able to prevent the natural aggregate depletion. This avoids so much of environmental issues.


The predominant goal is to observe the impact on usage of ferrous slag in polypropylene fiber bolstered concrete composite right here ferrous slag is changed in fine aggregate beneath numerous stages and addition of polypropylene fiber 0.5% by weight of the cement is taken into consideration.

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