Experimental Study on High Strength Concrete with Fly Ash and Condensed Silica Fume

B. Ramesh Babu, S. Anil Kumar, D. Yogeswar


Concrete, is one of the key construction materials having good compressive &, flexural strengths and durable properties among others. With comparative low cost made from some of the most widely available elements, it has found wide usage. It is mouldable, adaptable and relatively fire resistant. The fact that it is an engineered material which satisfy almost any reasonable set of performance specifications, more than any other material currently available has made it immensely popular construction material. In fact, every year more than 1 m3 of concrete is produced per person (more than 10 billion tonnes) worldwide.As our project title suggests, the objective of our project is to find out the strength parameters, in specific, the compressive and flexural strengths of fibre reinforced triple blended high strength concrete and compare the same with that of ordinary concrete. In turn, our project is aimed towards experimentally proving the advantages of fibre reinforced triple blended concrete over ordinary concrete and thus fostering its usage for not only greater strength and durability but also in view of the economic and environmental considerations previously mentioned. More specifically, the aim of this study is:

v To prepare the concrete cubes & beams using cement partly replaced by silica fume and fly ash.

v To determine compressive strength of hardened concrete at 28 days of curing &compare various mixes.

v To determine flexural strength at 28 days of curing & compare various mixes

In the process of testing, compressive and flexure tests specifications as per IS:516-1959 have been adhered to.

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