Development of Hybrid MPPT Algorithm for Maximum Power Harvesting under Partial Shading Conditions

Rajashekar Koyyada, Mallannagowda N


In this paper, a Hybrid MPPT algorithm is proposed to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) systems under partial shading conditions. Partial shading occurs due to clouds, trees, dirt and dust in PV systems. In partial shading, multiple peaks arise in the PV characteristic curve. The Maxi-mum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm adjusts the duty cycle of the switch in DC-DC con-verter for regulating the input voltage at the Maximum power point (MPP) and to provide im-pedance matching i.e. input resistance of converter equal to equivalent solar resistance of PV sys-tem at MPP for the maximum power transfer. The Cuk converters have low switching losses and the highest efficiency. Therefore Cuk converter is chosen as power conditioning circuit to track maximum power using Hybrid MPPT technique. The influence of algorithm parameters on system behaviour is investigated and the various advantages and drawbacks of the technique are identified for different weather conditions. Practical results obtained using Solartech SPMO85P PV modules connected to a RL load through Hybrid MPPT controller validates the simulated results.

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