Imprisoned Woman: Feministic Overtone in Tehmina Durrani’s My Feudal Lord

Eva Sharma


Feminism has earned a reputation in less time especially in the nations of the third world where women are mostly in the bondage of patriarchy and male chauvinistic attitudes. In such a scenario it gets difficult for any woman to write against men or even raise a voice against the oppression. And those who dare to go against the settled norm of society are not only appreciated but also manipulate men in their works. In this narrative fiction a woman claims herself, to be a victim and a voice of third world Muslim nation, as she feels marginalized. Also, this novel showcases a psychological struggle of a woman who is very much a liberal yet denied freedom by social ethics that induce her to endure all through her life. There are many Feministic aspects underlying the story. This autobiographical novel highlights an imperative issue where even an educated woman is deprived of her rights, as she is a product of a conservative society.

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