Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using Steganography

Annapureddy Gayathri, S. Asif


Utilizing Cryptography and Steganography whilst, we attempt to provide Biometric as well as Password protection to voter bills. The scheme makes use of snap shots as duvet objects for Steganography and as keys for Cryptography. The important thing snapshot is a Biometric measure, reminiscent of a fingerprint photo. Appropriate use of Cryptography commonly reduces the dangers in these programs as the hackers must find each secret key and the template. The fundamental concept is to merge the secret key with the quilt image on the groundwork of key photo. The outcomes of this process produces a stego photo which looks particularly much like the quilt photo but not detectable by means of human eye. The system  goals  the authentication  requirement of  a  vote  casting  system.   

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