Development of intelligent fire detecting and authentication framework using IoT

D. Shirish, K.R Anusha Hinduja


Ensuring minimum rights and safety of the garment workers has become a burning issue nowadays. The workers of garment factories are facing some labyrinths and broken out of fire is surely one of them. The investors are losing their interest and the prominence of this sector is getting toneless. In this paper, we have propounded a system which is capable to detect fire and can provide the location of the affected region. Raspberry Pi 3 has been used to control multiple Arduino which are integrated with a couple of sensors and camera. A 360° relay motor is assembled with the camera so that it can snap the image in whatever angle the fire is detected. We have provided a confirmation of the fire suspecting system to avoid any false alarm. The system will immediately send a message along with the image of the affected spot and Arduino's location. An admin can confirm or deny the impeachment and if the admin confirms the situation as a breaking out of fire, then the system will immediately raise an alarm and an automatic message will be sent to the nearby fire brigade.

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