Multilevel Inverter based PV/Wind Microgrid

M. Nagalakshmi, P. Ankineeduprasad


Photovoltaic (PV) energy has great potential to supply energy with minimum impact on the environment, since it is clean and pollution free. Continuously increasing demand of Microgrid with high penetration of distributed energy generators, specially focused on renewable energy sources is modifying the traditional structure of the electric distribution grid. Renewable energy sources such as PV, wind and fuel cells are usually connected through voltage-source inverters. This paper focuses on the solar energy, grid connected photovoltaic system, modeling of photovoltaic array, maximum power point tracking, and grid connected inverter. The output voltage and current and interfaced to grid system using 2-level, 3-level and 5-level inverter topology. These inverters are connected in parallel and the control strategy has to stabilize the system and achieve good power sharing. The MLI performance can be analyzed by using MATLAB/SIMULINK model.

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