A New Mechanism for Securing Cloud Data Using Fingerprint Recognition

K. Anil, K. Dayakar


Cloud computing is a technological advancement that focuses on the way we design computing systems, develop applications, and leverage existing services for building software. It is based on the concept of dynamic provisioning, which is applied not only to service but also to compute capability, storage, networking, andinformationtechnology (IT) infrastructureingeneral. Day by day we are storing heavy data, maintenance and management is going to be difficult. It raises security concerns on how to realize data deduplication in cloud while achieving integrity auditing.We propose two secure techniques, namely One Time Password and Finger Print Recognization. One Time Password and Finger Print Recognization introduces an auditing entity with maintenance of a Map Reduce cloud, which helps clients secure logins with their organs like finger,palm.It is useful for clients before uploading as well as audit the integrity of data having been stored in cloud. Compared with previous work, the computation by user in  One Time Password and Finger Print Recognization is  greatly  reduced  during  the  file  uploading  and customers always want to secure their data before uploading, and enables integrity auditing and secure deduplication on  data.

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