An Innovative Of Dynamic Voltage Renovator For Consideration Of Voltage Sag By Induction Motor

Perapogu Anitha, M. Pavan Kumar, D. Kumaraswamy


The increment of voltage sensitive load equipment has made the industrial process must more susceptible to degradation in the power quality. Voltage deviation, often on the form of voltage sag, can cause severe process, result in economical loss. Among the Custom Power Device (CPD), the application of Dynamic Voltage Restorers (DVRs) in the distribution system is the recent invention. DVR’s are used to protect sensitive loads from the effects of voltage sags on the distribution feeder. DVR normally installed between the source voltage and critical or sensitive load. The existing control strategies either mitigate the phase jump or improve the utilization of dc link energy by the following: 1) reducing the amplitude of the injected voltage or 2) optimizing the dc bus energy support. In this paper, an enhanced sag compensation strategy is proposed, which mitigates the phase jump in the load voltage while improving the overall sag compensation time. simulations are performed using Matlab/Simulink’s SimPowersystem Toolbox.

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