Grid-Tied Pv System With Fuzzy Based Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter With Charge Pump Circuit Concept

P.Vasavi Reddy, Md. Jani Pasha


In this paper we are implementing a single phase transformer less photovoltaic inverter for grid connect PV system. In this topology we are developing the concept of a charge pump circuit in order to eliminate the leakage current. We are utilizing the fuzzy controller in this paper. We are comparing the fuzzy controller with other controller. The neutral of the grid is directly connected to the negative polarity of the PV panel that creates a constant common mode voltage and zero leakage current. During the negative cycle, the charge pump circuit generates the negative output voltage of the proposed inverter. Therefore according to the proportional resonant control strategy is used to control the injected current. There are various advantage of the proposed inverter they are the neutral of the grid is directly connected to the negative terminal of the PV panel, so the leakage current is eliminated, its compact size; low cost; the used dc voltage of the proposed inverter is the same as the full-bridge inverter (unlike neutral point clamped (NPC), active NPC, and half-bridge inverters); flexible grounding configuration; capability of reactive power flow; and high efficiency. By using simulation result we can verify the concept of the proposed inverter and its practical application in grid-tied PV systems.

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