To Study the Celebrities Influence Consumer Buying Decision

Rupinder Kaur, Ashok Kumar Purohit


The research was based on the study of celebrity endorsement. The celebrity endorsement is a marketing strategy that makes a product differentiable in this competitive era. Companies use this strategy for brand recognition. The main purpose of the study was to identify the influence of celebrity endorsed advertisement on consumer purchase decision. The research was conducted on multiple brands of face care products used in Karachi city. The research focused on the factors and attributes of celebrities through which marketer endorses a celebrity for endorsement. These factors and attributes have an influence on consumer purchase decision.

According to findings of the research, celebrity endorsed advertisement is not only utilized to create brand awareness and brand recognition but they help the company to capture target audience. Celebrity do not make the advertisement effective but others factors like product performance, quality and brand image, personality and trustworthiness of celebrities make the mind of consumer to choose the particular face care product of his/her choice. Moreover these elements play a major role in making an advertisement successful and in influencing the purchasing behavior of the consumer.

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