Design of Hybrid Lut/Multiplexer for Cryptography Applications

A. Bharath Varma, G Madhusudhana Rao, P Jaya Babu, V Ashok


In this paper we are going to discuss about the proposed architecture of encoder and decoder using hybrid MUX/ LUT. For the purpose of encryption and decryption process we need some pre defined keys. These pre defined keys generates the key schedule module which expands the initial secret key. Because of this there will be reduction in amount of storage for buffering. To implement  S.R, M.C, inverse S.R and inverse M.Cin the encryption and decryption process we need to use the s- boxes. Like pre defined keys , the round keys are needed in this process to improve the each round in real time. To minimise the effect of area we use the both forward and reverse key scheduling. For high speed operation hybrid LUT or MUX is used instead of logical gates. Pipelining process plays major role for speed operation and high security is obtained by enhancing the throughput and shift row mix column.

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