Multilingualism in India

Rumica Afzal, Shaista Afzal


Multilingualism is a gift to India. Multilingualism means using several different languages. A multi-lingual person can speak two or more than two languages very well. In terms of heterogeneity, multilingualism can be explained properly .Five language families in India marked its linguistic heterogeneity. The multilingualism in India is multidimensional and intricate. There are many changes in every single language on the basis of caste, religion, gender, occupation, age etc. An individual may use different style of language at different places .It is present in the life of all citizens. Indian multilingualism became unique because of its dynamic relationship of its language. The present work is an attempt to find out the nature of multilingualism in India. It also aims to look into the different aspects of Indian multilingualism arising due to the high diversity of Indian societies.

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