Commercialization of Education System in India: A Close Outlook to Teachers’ and Students’ Perspective

Subhadeep Dutta


In the face of an increasingly complex, global and competitive environment, commercialisation or privatization has become an important strategic priority for many countries, governments and different education institutions and the process has accelerated dramatically world-wide. India, even after 70 years of India’s independence, is far away from the goal of universal as well as the proper way of literacy. There are number of government or government sponsor that is regular schools, colleges and universities in the country, but they don't have proper basic infrastructure. For the under develop or developing infrastructure and also the reason is in the hand of some people having extra money. Both are the same liable or help to grow and build up the commercialization or privatization or self-financed coerces. Privatization or commercialization of education in India introduced new policies and programs to increase employment, outcome and income opportunities and achieve economic development at national and international level. It has brought about a rapid change in the educational scenario of India. Privatization encourages the individual and society to establish school, colleges and private universities to meet the growing demand for education.

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