Design of 3t Gain Cell Edram for Low Power Application

Nakka Pradeep Kumar, Ch.V. Ravi Sankar, D Mohan Reddy


Logic compatible gain cell (GC)-embedded DRAM (eDRAM) arrays are considered an alternative to SRAM because of their small size, non rationed operation, low static leakage, and two-port functionality. But traditional GC-eDRAM implementations require boosted control signals in order to write full voltage levels to the cell to reduce the refresh rate and shorten access times. The boosted levels require an extra power supply or on-chip charge pumps, as well as nontrivial level shifting and toleration of high voltage levels. In this paper, we present a novel, logic compatible, 3T GC-eDRAM bit cell that operates with a single-supply voltage and provides superior write capability to the conventional GC structures.

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