An Enhancement in Finding Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality of Micro-Grid

S Srinivasu, D Mohan Reddy


This paper focus on specially designed Fuzzy based Power Quality Conditioner for Micro Grid applications. Three leg inverter coupled with solar PV with MPPT used as Compensator can be used for distinct DGs in the micro grid for power quality improvement of the entire system. Optimum control can be achieved to avoid detraction for voltage, current and Power flowing between Grid and DG. The Power Quality conditioner and DG inverter have dual use for this particular purpose. Primarily used as power converter for injecting power created from DG to Grid, secondly performed as parallel Active Power Filter for compensating harmonics, unbalanced voltage, current, active and reactive power demand for the balance and unbalance burden with in the Grid and neutral conductors. This paper is extended with Fuzzy Logic Controller for better improvement of Power Quality. The above mentioned task extensively simulated under MATLAB/Simulink platform revels that soon after compensation the THD.

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