Performance Evaluation of MIMO system over AWGN and Rayleigh Fading with Maximal Ratio Receiver Combining Diversity Scheme

Hemlata Sinha, M.R. Meshram, G.R. Sinha


This paper indicates that antenna diversity method for the wireless multiple antenna system. In wireless communication fading  accumulate in the channel is major apprehension .So the antenna  diversity is  used to mitigate the the effect of fading over the channel at the relatively less cost. The most commonly antenna diversity technique is space time block code (STBC) provides transmit diversity and maximum ratio combining (MRC) provides receiver diversity in wireless technology is case of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The most commonly employed antenna diversity is Maximal Ratio Receiver Combining (MRRC) in which several uncorrelated replica of the signals with weight values are combined at the receiver in order to achieve improved reconstructed signals. This paper presenting Maximal Ratio Receiver Combining (MRRC) receiver diversity technique to mitigate the effect of Rayleigh fading channel. The simulation result are based on BER performance for systems with single  transmit antenna and multiple receiving  antennas with (MRRC) diversity technique and result also shows that the two transmit antenna with multiple receiving  antenna system. The analysis is carried out through comparison with MATLAB simulations.

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