Greening of the Schools towards Sustainability: An Analysis

Srimoyee Poddar


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World is suffering from different global issues. Focusing to this, United Nations launched the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in 2005 and even the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - 2015, which required the related concerns to be inculcated through school education. As per National Policy on Education 1986 and the Programme of Action -1992, environmental education has given priority in all the curriculum development programmes. It has been inculcated through curricular and co-curricular interventions. This brings the concept of ‘Green Schools’. It is a school guided by the principles of environmental sustainability. It creates an environment to utilize all the resources and opportunities inside and outside the school. Teachers, students, different stake-holders must be sensitize enough and give the best effort for improving the environment of the schools and its surroundings. School must develop environmental ethics among students. The school environment should encourage, support and nurture students’ growing capacities, through its green environment, curriculum and teaching –learning process. It helps to develop a sense of belongingness and sensitivity towards school and society. Beside this they also understand the importance of their own health and safety. This small study briefly discuss about the aims, importance and role of teachers in ‘Greening of School’, by throwing light on the ‘Position Paper on National Focus Group on Habitat and Learning’ (2006).

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