Real-Time Multipoint Temperature Data Acquisition System Using Zigbee

Abdul Rahman, G Kanaka Durga, Jaideep Kumar Naag


In this work, a low cost three- multipoint temperature data logger was developed. It was designed using LM35 as the sensor, and Arduino Uno as the data processing element. The comparative evaluation of the system with other established thermometers show that no two temperature meters gave the same values. However the most important thing is that all the systems recorded the same temperature flow pattern. This indicates that the systems actually senses change in the surrounding effectively. The system gives effective and adjustable temperature data logging procedure. Hence, the system is recommended for use in monitoring low temperature systems.

It consists of a temperature sensor for constantly monitoring temperature and Zigbee module for wireless data transfer. The measured temperature parameter will be sent to microcontroller. And with the help of Zigbee module temperature is sent to computer from Monitoring area.

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