Suicidal Ideation among Professional courses students

Ravikumar N. L, R. Gopalakrishna


According to recent studies suicide claims many lives every year and suicide is seen as the third leading cause of the death. One of the commonly known causes of suicide is depression. The purpose of the present research was to study the Level of Suicidal Ideation between Professional Male and Female students. The Descriptive Study Design was employed, in which 30 Male and 30 Female Professional course students were included. The data on Suicidal ideation was obtained by using Suicidal Ideation Scale developed by Devendra Singh Sisodia and Vibhuti Bhatnagar (2011). They were in the age group of 18-23 years.  The obtained data were analysed with the help of Mean, SD and Independent ‘t’ test. The results indicated that Significant difference was found between Male and Female Professional students in Suicidal ideation .and It was found that female students were most Suicidal ideation than male Professional students.

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