Improving the Readability of Automated Unit Test Case Generation

C. Shoba Bindu, K. K. Baseer, A. Sushma Deepthi


Automated unit testing tools are mainly used for to reduce the cost and time of testing activities. It will produce a large number of unittests. One of the automated unit testing tool is EVOSUITE that can be automatically generates test cases. Adeveloper would need to read and understand these tests cases throughout software development and evolution. However, generated tests are more difficulttoread and understand. Unreadable tests are difficult to maintain and time-consuming process to the developers. In this paper an approach, coined Evosuite Enhancer is used to overcome this problem by adding comments to the unit tests and replacing the method name, with the aim of improving the readability of generated tests.To evaluate the improvement of readability, a controlled experiment is performed with 50 students and takes a readability scores and post-test questionnaires from them. The results from that experiment users prefer this approach and easy to read and understand the testcases.

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