“Role and development of Higher education system in Jammu and Kashmir”

Arshad Ahmad Bandh


Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India that has made education free to all its  citizens. Education is the main factor resulting in significant social change in a society. Ever since the beginning of Higher education in India showed that its spread has played a key role in the process of changing the status and social mobility of an individual. It not only adapts an individual to existing or emerging social situation but also has a creative role in the sense that it has the potential of liberating minds from the shackles of the established culture. Various sociological studies have also shown that education is a powerful factor in bringing about change in society. The educational system of a nation is the key to its prosperity and welfare and that no investment is likely to yield greater returns than investment in human resources of which the most important is education. Education in College and Post-Graduate level beyond Primary and Secondary level is important because it needs to meet the challenges of changing demands for advanced knowledge and technologies. However, Expanding higher education is very expensive, but State Government has made many attempts to take it to every nook and corner of the State. This paper analyzes the growth and development of higher education in J & K It aims to suggest some more steps for improvement Quality of higher education in J & K.

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