Design a High Speed Carry Skip Adder with Ladner Fischer Technique

Avvaru. Vijay Kumar, K.Ramesh Babu


A carry skip adder (CSKA) structure is presented which has lower power consumption with a higher speed. The performance of the conventional CSKA is improved by achieving the speed enhancement by applying concatenation and incrementation schemes. The existed structure utilizes AND-OR-INVERT (AOI) and OR-AND-INVERT (OAI) compound gates for the skip logic. A parallel-prefix adder provides the best performance in VLSI design. However, performance of Ladner-Fischer adder through black cell takes huge memory. So, gray cell can be replaced by black cell which gives the Efficiency in Ladner-Fischer Adder. The proposed system contains three stages of operations they are pre-processing stage, carry generation stage, post-processing stage. The pre-processing stage focuses on propagate and generate, carry generation stage focuses on carry generation and post-processing stage focuses on final result. In ripple carry adder each bit is waited for the previous bit addition operation. In efficient Ladner - Fischer adder, addition operation does not wait for previous bit addition operation and modification is done at gate level for improving the speed and to decreases the memory used.

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