Finite Element Method for Analysing the Temperature Acting On Cutting Tool

P. Chinna, N. Manikanta


In this thesis, experiments are conducted on SS blocks at different speeds and at different coolant ratios. The coolant is a mixture of different percentages of liquids. The percentages of coolant ratios are 30:70, 40:60 and 20:80 and different cutting speeds are 2000 rpm, 2500 rpm and 3000 rpm are taken while machining SS blocks.

Experimental investigation is conducted by increasing the cutting oil percentage, thereby reducing water percentage by measuring the temperatures produced while machining SS blocks.

Thermal Analysis is performed on the tool and workpiece assembly by applying the temperatures measured experimentally by varying coolant ratios and cutting speeds for cutting tool materials HSS and Carbide. The work piece material is Stainless Steel.

Parametric Modeling is done in Pro/Engineer and analysis is done in Ansys.

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