A Security-Enhanced Fuzzy Based Fingerprint Cryptosystem Using Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures

Sirisha Beela, M. Sampath Kumar


The popularity of biometrics and its widespread use introduces privacy risks. To mitigate these risks, solutions such as the helper-data system, Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures, fuzzy vault, fuzzy extractors, and cancelable biometrics were introduced, also known as the field of template protection. Fuzzy vault is a practical and promising scheme, which can protect biometric templates and perform secure key management simultaneously. Alignment of the template biometric sample and the query one in the encrypted domain remains a challenging task. In this thesis, we propose an alignment-free cryptosystem based on Pair-Polar Minutiae Structures with multiple fuzzy vaults and minutia local structures. In proposed method, in registration phase, multiple vaults construct for one fingerprint or iris and in verification phase, if at least one of the vaults with respect to its minutiae local structures decoded successfully by the query fingerprint or iris, the secret will be recovered. we propose an alignment-free fuzzy vault-based fingerprint cryptosystem using highly discriminative pair-polar (P-P) minutiae structures. The fine quantization used in our system can largely retain information about a fingerprint template and enables the direct use of a traditional, well-established minutiae matcher. In terms of template/key protection, the proposed system fuses cancelable biometrics and biocryptography. Transforming the P-P minutiae structures before encodingdestroys the correlations between them, and can provide privacy-enhancing features, such as revocability and protection against cross-matching by setting distinct transformation seeds for different applications. The comparison with other minutiaebased fingerprint cryptosystems shows that the proposed systemperforms favorably on selected publicly available databases and has strong security.

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