Series connected diodes and single inductor with dual buck inverter based hybrid renewable energy sources

Thokala Navya, R.Raghunadha Sastry


This invention relates to a dual buck converter used to reduce an unregulated high input voltage without a ground reference to a regulated output voltage. This is accomplished by coupling the inductors of two independent buck converters. The input voltage is split across the dual buck converter and the midpoint is balanced by coupling the inductors and switching the two switches at the same time. The inductors are wound on a single core, with the windings magnetically coupled, to form a new coupled inductor. A low cost, multiple output buck converter is provided using a single inductor, a single pulse width modulator integrated circuit, and two MOSFETs plus one additional MOSFET and capacitor for each voltage output. A kind of novel dual buck inverter with series connected diodes and single inductor is introduced. The novel inverter retains the dual buck topologies’ advantage of high reliability and can make full use of the inductance. In order to improve the magnetic utilization of the dual buck inverter, a kind of single inductor dual buck topology was proposed in. Compared with the traditional full bridge inverter, two extra switches are applied in the proposed topology. The novel topology has the following advantages: firstly, retains the advantages of the traditional dual buck inverters, secondly, makes full use of the inductance, thirdly, the proposed inverter saves two switches compared to the traditional single inductor topology, which makes a lower conducting loss and a simpler controlling strategy. In this project additional fuel cell is integrated with PV system to increase the generation capability.

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