Analysing Of Cutting Parameters by Turning Operation for Incole Material Using Mini Tab

G.V.N.D.Satya Surya Kiran, S.V.Y. Sastry


Thepresent work is an attempt to make use of Taguchi optimization technique and Response Surface Methodology to optimize cutting parameters during high speedturning of Inconel 718 using cemented carbide tool insert to minimize cutting forces thereby stresses on the cutting tool and work piece.

The cutting parameters are cutting speed 40m/min, 50m/min, 60m/min, feed 0.05mm/rev, 0.1mm/rev, 0.15mm/rev and depth of cut 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm are considered for optimization. Cutting forces are taken experimentally and static analysis is performed on the cutting tool and work piece assembly by applying the forces to determine displacements, stresses and strains.

Process used in this project is turning process. Modeling is done in Creo 2.0 and analysis is done in ANSYS.

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