Relevance of Tagore’s Philosophy of Education in Post-modern Era- A Critical Analysis

Safika Choudhury


Rabindranath Tagore has been one of the topmost educationist of India. His thoughts on education are worth studying. His theme of education as harmony with all existence is a clear indication towards individuals and social adjustment with the environment. Tagore for the first time visualised great truth that the synthesis between West and East would help in solving the problems of the world. Today all the nations admit this hard fact. Tagore emphasized on the change in society through education. He wanted to modernize India by making use of education as an instrument by combining the best of East and West. The visionary in Rabindranath Tagore and the great educationist in him solved the problem of today a centuary ago. So that we need to study Tagore’s educational ideas and thoughts to re-examine the relevance of Tagore’s philosophy of education in post-modern era.

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