The Emerging Role of Haryana in Indian Economy

Ms. Radha


Haryana is one of the major industrialist states of India. Recently in the last decade it has made an important place as industrial hub. It is one of the leading state in terms of industrial production and agricultural production. It is the second largest contributor of food grains to India’s central pool and more than 60 percent of the export of Basmati Rice is contributed by the state of Haryana. Moreover, it is the 3rd largest software exporter and one of the preferred destination for IT facilities. In the year 2015-16 total domestic products at a compound annual growth rate of the state remained 75.3 billion U.S. Dollar. Gurugram and Panipat are the leading destinations for industrial development in Haryana. Total domestic products of Haryana for the year 2013-14 was Rs. 3.89 Lakhs which has reached about US$ 85 billion in 2016-17. Moreover Haryana is an agriculturalist state but it is not very far behind in the perspective of industrial development. Recently the government of Haryana has implemented many new schemes and plans to accelerate the pace of economic development in the state.

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