Saanjh Kendra’s: An Initiative for Citizen-Centric Policing in Punjab

Harjinder Singh


Maintenance of law and order is the basic function of the state. It is an integral part of the public administration. Police is its one of the vital law enforcing agency in every country. It is required to provide a peaceful environment in the society. In India, this purpose is fulfilled by the Central as well as the State Police Forces. The Punjab Police force is also performing this duty very effectively in the state. But there are various challenges faced by the police forces in this present scenario. These challenges of police force may solve through trained police personnel and with the help of the community.

The present study focused on police system in Punjab especially on SAANJH KENDRA’s(SK’s) in the state. The SAANJH KENDRA’s are initiative towards citizen-centric policing in Punjab. The citizen centric policing is the radar of Community Policing.  The aim of this police system is to increase interaction between police personnel and citizens for public safety and quality of life in the community. SK’s are providing police services to common people in very easy form. The main objective of the paper: to study the


organizational structure of Police in Punjab State, to analyze the SK’s in the state, to find out the major challenges towards SK’s and to suggest some valuable suggestions to delete the challenges of the SK’s.

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