IOT Based Smart Patient Monitoring Using NFC

B. Karthika Devi, R. Anitha


 The premise of this research idea is to develop smart patient monitoring using IOT. Nowadays Internet of things become an important technology that promises a smart human life by allowing communications between objects and things together with human. IOT will provide a means of smart cities, smart homes, smart transportation, smart hospitals etc. Due to the negligence of the hospital staff’s, many patients are supposed to die. To overcome this, we proposed a theory to monitor a patient using IOT.Technology like pulse sensor, heart rate sensor, Temperature sensor, BP sensor, Arduino microcontroller are used to develop a smart patient monitoring system. Generally smart patients monitoring uses RFID tags that capture an object attached to the tags. As security is the major issue in the existing system i.e. rfid tags, so we use NFC tags. NFC is advanced from RFID. This proposed system uses a smart phone for monitoring the patient using NFC tags using internet of thing. NFC based patient monitoring helps in doctor-patient interaction using internet.  

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