Smart Mirror

Mr. R.L.R. Lokesh Babu, CH. Bhavani, A. Harika, B. Mahalaxmi, A. Sai chaitanya


There is no end of objects that could be made “smarter,” some

being more suited to this than others. Mirrors, for example,provide a large surface ideal for displaying information and

interacting with. This paper depicts the design and development of a smart mirror that represents an elegantinterface for glancing information for multiple people in ahome environment.A smart mirror is basically a mirror with a screen behind it. That screen can be an Android tablet or a computer monitor. Naturally, a monitor will make for a larger mirror. It's also a great way to repurpose an old LCD monitor.The mirror will possess the ability to display date, time, the current weather conditions and outside temperature, reminders, to-do lists. These features of the mirror will be scraped from the Internet and implemented using the raspberry pi board. The pi board isprogrammed with the Raspbian operating system which is part of Linux. The mirror will also be lightweight, adjustable, durable and aesthetic.


Raspbian Operating System,Two way mirror,

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