Fabrication of Paper And Plastic Shredder Machine

Chetan Nagpurkar, Buddham Nandeshwar, Rohit Jagtap, Akshay Lilhare Lilhare, Pankaj pawar, Sachin Bajod


The most common thing used in today’s world is Plastic. Plastic is the lightweight, durable as well as inexpensive material. It can be mold easily into different products for use.  But, after use it causes very serious and harmful effects to the environment as well as the landfill space. Plastic bottles make up approximately 11% of the content landfills, causing serious environmental consequences.  The plastic waste globally constitutes more than 60% of the total global municipal solid waste (MSW), 22% were recovered and 78% disposed. Around 4% of the world oil and gas production, non-renewable resource is used as a feedstock for plastic and further 3 to 4% is expended to provide energy for their manufacture. these facts indicates that our current use of plastic is not sustainable. Recycling of waste plastics helps to recover the material which can be used to make new products. For this, first it must be converted into a fine grains for further processing and transportaion. This is the reason behind the development of paper and plastic shredder machine to recycle the waste paper and plastics found in the surrounding.

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