Assessment of Consumer Awareness amongst Teenagers of Ludhiana District

Marinal Gupta, Dr. Sarang Narula


Despite the fact that a number of consumer protection legislations have been enacted in India from time to time to protect the interests of consumers, consumer is subjugated at the expense of profit maximization objective of marketer or service provider.  Consumers are at disadvantageous position as they are not able to get justice in the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (CDRFs) just because they are ignorant of the rights available to them as a consumer, the responsibilities they need to shoulder with and working process of Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (CDRFs). Due to apprehension of complex working process of Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (CDRFs), consumers think twice before approaching Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum (CDRFs) and even if they take a courage to lodge complaint, they do not turn to be a satisfied consumer in most of the cases. Keeping in consideration the gap identified, the present study focuses at measuring and comparing the extent of consumer awareness with regard to various consumer protection legislations with special reference to Consumer Protection Act 1986.

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