Design & Fabrication of Utility Go-Kart

Shubham Lakpale, Saurabh Kumar Gupta, Rahul Kumar Singh, Mr. Manish, Rk. Sahu


This thesis deals with the design and fabrication of Go-kart chassis. The objective of this thesis is to design and fabricate a go-kart chassis of the go-kart. The main problem is the cost for current go-kart chassis is too costly so the project is decide to fabricate with a lower cost. The scopes identified chassis design should bear load of <200kg and the go-kart chassis must with floor dimension of chassis is 900mm x1493mm. There are many steps taken to design and fabricate this chassis. The first stage is did some literature review about the existing go-kart and go-kart chassis. Mostly current model of go-kart chassis is made from tabular pipe.

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