Cloud Assisted Attribute based Encryption for Health Monitoring System

Akula Joshitha


Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm, enabling users to store their data remotely in a server and toprovide services on-demand. In cloud computing, cloud users and cloud service providers are almost clear fromdifferent trust domains. The critical issues for remote data storage are data security and privacy.The shared data files in most cases have the features of multilevelhierarchy, specifically in the area of healthcare and the military. However, the hierarchy system of shared files hasnot been explored in CP-ABE. In this paper, an effective file hierarchy attribute-based encryption method isproposed in cloud computing. The layered access structures are included into a single access structure, and then,the hierarchical files can be encrypted with the integrated access structure. The cipher text components similar toattributes could be shared by the files. Therefore, both cipher text storage and time cost of encryption is preserved.Moreover, the proposed scheme is proved to be secure under the entire assumption.

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