Indian Constitution and Right to Peaceful Protest

Dipti Gala


This research paper is regarding the right to peaceful protest is interpreted along with the freedom of peaceful assembly, the fundamental right guaranteed and enforced in court of law under the part III of Constitution of India. It states the relevant provisions of the Constitution of India. The way in which the right to protest was exercised by people in the olden days and how now it is exercised. Right to protest used as a weapon for solving the grievances. Traditionally used in the non- violent mode and recently exercised by practicing and demonstration of violent activities. The right to protest to be used with certain restrictions.The role of policemen to stop the violent protest. Policemen while taking steps to stop such kind of violent protest sometimes uses excessive force in order to control the situation which leads to violation of human rights and dignity. For the misconduct on the part of policemen the state can be held liable. Remedies available under the various articles of the Constitution of India to the victim along with the justification. Overall the research states about the right to peaceful protect and the relevant articles in the constitution of India.Key Words: Constitution of India, article, right, policemen, peaceful protest, violent, exercise, Fundamental right and violent.


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