Gender inequality – A Global issue

Zulfqar Ashraf wani


The practice of gender inequality is an entire observable fact. Each country of the world is experiencing it one or the other way the term “gender inequality” refers to the seeming or actual unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender. Gender inequality arises out of cultural differences in gender roles, which are socially constructed systems. While there are innate biological sex-based differences between men and women, gender inequality is a kind of social discrimination. Over the years women have made great strides in many areas with remarkable progress in sinking some gender gaps. Yet, the afflicted world in which we live is characterized by deeply unequal sharing of burden of adversities between men and women. Sprawling inequalities persist in their access to education, health care, physical and financial resources and opportunities in the political, economic and social evil. Human civilization has lost much of talent because of the lack of rights provided to eve’s daughters.

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