Investigation into Effect of Nozzle Divergent Angle in an Elaval Nozzle Design

Dr. P. Sreenivasulu


Nozzle is a device designed that control the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape and pressure of the stream that exhaust from it. Nozzles have variety of shapes and sizes depending on the mission of the rocket. Nozzles is very important for the understanding the performance characteristics of rocket. The proper geometrical design of the nozzle, the exhaust of the propellant gases will be regulated in such a way that max effective rocket velocity can be reached. Convergent divergent nozzle is the most commonly used nozzle. Objective of this work is to determine the optimum Nozzle parameters such as Divergent angle for a rocket nozzle. CFD simulation has been made using ANSYS FLUENT with appropriate Boundary condition.

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